Why Washburn?

There are several Reason Why Washburn Windows of Johnson City, NY is The Right Choice.  
  • Owner is truly local since 1991: resides in Apalachin, NY.
  • The owner is also an installer, trainer, and measures for all orders.  
  • We have the education, training, and direct experience to educate you of the correct way to install a window in a particular opening.  If your existing windows looks and operates differently than your neighbor, then the installation methodology may be different.  
  • We specify how each opening will be measured, installed, and the materials being used, so there are no surprises when the job gets done.
  • Only the owner or installation manager with the proper installation education and experience will determine the correct methodology for installation in your particular opening; which drives the measurement.  The window installation methodology and subsequent measurement techniques will dictate the overall life performance of the window either positively or negatively.  Measurements that permit the installer to get the windows in faster (allowing for short cuts the typical homeowner is unaware of) are NOT the Proper way to Measure and Install Windows and will only lead to poor energy and operation performance.  If two workers can install 15 to 20 windows with exterior capping in one day, I’d be very concerned. 
  • We do not participate in High Pressure Sales.
  • Our Prices are Published and Presented up Front.  Our prices for Energy Star Low E Argon Gas Windows are competitively priced with all large national franchise companies.  The major differences are our quality windows, craftsmanship, measurement and installation techniques, and high quality materials.  
  • We do not advertise an unbelievable low price like $189 or $199 Replacement Windows.  These windows are Cheaply Made and this tactic is Solely used to “Get a Foot in the Door” to then try and move you up to a more expensive window.  We call this Bait and Switch Advertising and is frowned upon by the Better Business Bureau.   

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