When is it time to replace your windows?

How do you really know your home needs new windows — and if you are making the right decision about the type of replacement windows you need?

If you are experiencing some or all of these issues- it is time to replace your windows….

  • There is a noticeable draft coming from the window sash or frame.
  • When you stand next to the windows on a cold day you feel the coldness from outside or on a hot day you feel the heat from the sun.
  • The windows are either stuck in place or very difficult to open or operate.
  • The window sash, frame, or sill shows signs of water stains.
  • The window sash, frame, or sill stained surface is black- this is actually black mold.

So how do you make the right decision about getting new windows?

1st:  (Educate Yourself)  Learn as much as you can about replacement windows and what kind of windows you already have in your home.  Understanding what is wrong with your current windows will help you determine what you want.

2nd: (Understand what you are buying) There are literally hundreds of window brands out there.  Choosing the right window is a difficult task even for an experienced window dealer.  Keep in mind that 85% of any window’s energy performance, operation endurance, and appeal has to do with installation methodology-  from selecting the right style for the opening, how the new window is measured for a proper custom fit, how the window frame is insulated, etc.

3rd: (Think Long Term)  Replacing your windows may not be for the life of your home if you don’t choose wisely.  In fact, much of the window replacement business is in the business of replacing replacement windows that are less than 15 years old.  Many window dealers offer vinyl windows that have a “life time warranty”.  Read the manufacture warranty and understand how your windows are warrantied by the manufacture and the dealer.  Always go through a reputable window dealer to ensure better access to quality products in the industry, better service support and warranties, and specialized experience.

4th: (Think Energy Efficiency)  Always go with a manufacture that has been certified by the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacture Association) and NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council)- third party performance certification programs that provide manufactures a means to demonstrate operation and energy efficiency performance to their customers.  Always choose an energy package from your dealer that has a better than ‘basic’ Energy Star.  Just because it says Energy Star rated doesn’t mean it will give you the best value for your investment.  Choosing a more energy efficient triple pane glass package at a fair price will give you a better return on your investment, as it will pay down energy bills faster, provide you with more comfort and give you a better resale value.

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