What To Look For When Choosing A Window Contractor

Homeowners have different tales of their experiences with contractors. Some have very pleasant experiences while others have horror stories to share. Is it all down to luck? No, it doesn’t have to be. You can have a pleasant experience if you know exactly what to look for when choosing a window contractor (It applies to other contractors too). Here are things you simply can’t ignore if you want to end up happy with your project…

Window & Door Showroom

Window & Door Showroom

1. Credentials

You need to ensure you are dealing with a window contractor who is licensed with the appropriate body in your state. Furthermore, check to ensure that the license isn’t set to expire soon. This is very important as it could render your contract null and void.

What if you are dealing with a contractor who has just moved into town? Then you just have to make sure you find out why they left their previous location. Make sure it had nothing to do with poor work or multiple complaints. Don’t do business with any contractor who has a carefully guarded past. It normally means something is NOT right somewhere (Every good professional thrives on references from satisfied clients).

2. Skill

You need to know how skilled the workers on a contractor’s team are. The quality of work you get is determined by the skill level of the workers involved. So make sure you are in NO doubt.

You can get a good idea by looking at photos from recently completed projects (Preferably, projects done locally to avoid fraudulent claims). Better still, you can visit homes they have worked on recently if it is feasible in your case.

3. Experience

How experienced is the contractor handling your project? How experienced is the team if yours is a large project? This is very important. You may have a new contractor who has many years of experience working for someone else. You may have an old contractor who has a team of very inexperienced installers.

This is important because experience counts when it comes to installing/replacing windows right. Find out if the team has enough experience to deliver top quality.

4. Confidence

Does this contractor inspire confidence in you? No matter how great a professional is, it is NOT advisable to do business with him/her if you don’t feel confident handing over your project to him/her.

5. Suppliers

Birds of the same feathers flock together. If a contractor deals with suppliers who have questionable track records then they are NOT to be trusted. A good business always avoids doing business with bad suppliers.

Some may be attracted to contractors who do business with out-of-the-trunk suppliers because they may offer significantly lower rates but the odds that you will have serious regrets are very high. It is good practice to only work with contractors who work with solid suppliers (Folk who have a fixed address you can verify).

6. Personality (Compatibility)

Personality clashes can ruin any project (or at least delay its completion). If you don’t flow with a contractor, don’t sign the contract. There has to be a level of compatibility for you to communicate effectively.

7. Proximity

Having a contractor that’s close to you will affect your costs. Such an installer won’t have to build in transportation into his bid. You can easily visit their office if the need arises. It will also make it much easier to handle the important issues raised above.

8. Turnaround Time

This is one consideration you should factor in when looking at several bids. If you want it fast and of top quality, it would normally be a bit more expensive. It could be cheaper if you want it of top quality but within a more relaxed time frame.

So look at the contractor that offers you the best turnaround time/value ratio. That is, a total consideration of price, quality of service and materials used plus how fast the job is to be completed.

9. References

How many past clients are willing to be references for this particular installer? Satisfied clients will be very happy to tell others what a great job an installer does (And a good installer would be happy to link you up with former clients). However, a bad installer will have few references.

10. Response

How quickly does a contractor respond to your inquiries? If they have an email, drop them a line and see how quickly they respond. You can also call them and ask questions. Check how courteous they are and how helpful their response is. You can gauge how committed they are to client satisfaction from these two activities.

11. Insurance

What happens if an installer gets injured while working on your property? Does this contractor have worker’s compensation insurance? What if the contractor damages something on your property while handling the project? Do you get to shoulder the bill or does he/she have liability insurance to cover such?

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